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Competition Rules

Format Change:

Due to the suggestions from multitudes of seasoned players competing in Ireland's beach circuit, and in keeping with international standards, the commission have decided to alter the previously unbalanced points system: Points and titles will now be kept separate for mixed,
women's, and men's events, creating three leagues.

This will give us all one more coveted award to play for - that of overall "Mixed Champ"; whilst still retaining the original "King" and "Queen" of the beach titles.

The main reason for the change is that the old league points system placed too much weighting on the outcome of the mixed tournaments. Winners shot ahead on the rankings due to the sheer number of mixed teams entered, while the single sex events became less important for ranking.

This also had the effect of lessening the incentive to fight for the comparatively minor top points gleaned from single sex events. We don't want to see any of you become demotivated and lethargic and start lazing around like you're at some picnic on the beach!! So we have tweaked the system to keep your dreams of attaining honour and glory alive for longer, as this system will keep it competitive to the end.

Additionally, the two "Grasshopper" tournaments (Herbert Park & Trinity College) will not be included in the league's point standings as grass play is not considered to reflect "Beach" ability. Instead they will be regarded as separate stand alone events.

Looking forward to seeing all you tanned "golden" oldie beach veterans this season, and hopefully plenty of fresh faced newbie milk bottles too

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